Reconditioned iPhone XR Black 64GB w/ 1 mo service Total Wireless $121.75

By | December 22, 2021 1:13 am EST

Total Wireless is currently having a reconditioned iPhone XR 64Gb (Black) for sale for $129. Plan is required ($25 cheapest) but you can get a 25% off coupon code by signing up for their newsletter. After applying the coupon, the total will be $121.75 + tax.
Note: The phone appeared to be OOS when I was looking through their phones but I was able to add it to cart on the product page and checked out.
Another good thing is that Tracfone and its sister MVNOs recently changed their unlock policy:
"For Apple devices activated with new TracFone service on the Verizon network on or after November 23, 2021, the device will be automatically unlocked 60 days after activation in the absence of an indication of fraud."
So, you can basically just pay for 1 more month and get the phone unlocked! Also, I am not sure whether their reward program is changed or not (due to the Verizon acquisition), but in the past, you can get referral code and get points to spend on extra month(s) of service.…onditioned

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