Mercer Culinary Knife Guards $2.39 to $3.75 FS w/ Amazon Prime

By | April 28, 2022 4:59 am EST

Some big price drops at Amazon for Mercer Culinary Knife Guards, making these individual pieces cheaper than buying a set.
These hard plastic knife guards use tension to clamp around the knife blade. They are good for protecting/transporting any brand knife or make a nice companion to the .
Prices include free shipping with Amazon Prime:
1" Knife Guards (Good for paring knives)

4" for $2.59
6" for $2.39

1.5" Knife Guards (Good for bread, carving, filet, or utility knives)

8" for $2.59
10" for $2.69

2" Knife Guards (Good for chef’s and santoku knives)

8" for $3.74
10" for $3.19
11" for $3.75
12" for $3.39

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