$10/mo New & best plan for standalone Apple Watch cellular in family mode unlimited

By | May 6, 2022 11:08 pm EST

I looked everywhere for a cell phone plan for a standalone apple watch (cellular) for my kid.
I’m on total wireless, and they don’t support the apple watch yet, and I didn’t want to switch my phones.
I looked EVERYWHERE for a low-cost prepaid option, and couldn’t find anything that worked.
Finally I found Truphone. This was a miracle. I have tried everything short of the major 3 carriers that were forcing me to bring my mobile phone plan to them. some may have an apple watch standalone (family mode) plan that they don’t advertise, but none of them could be as easy or as good a deal as truphone:
It worked great with truphone, it was amazing. Basically I went to their website, typed in the eid number, put in my credit card number to pay the $10/month for *unlimited*, and then a few minutes later, an alert popped up on the iphone saying there was a cellphone plan to activate on my apple watch. I clicked on that, a few more clicks, and it worked! After so much pain with other carriers, this was seamless. amazing.
It threw me off the first time because the price was in pounds, but all you have to do is click the down arrow and change to USA, for $10/month. wow.

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