12-Pack of 12-Oz Pepsi Products (cans, various) 4 for $11.66 + free pickup at walgreens

By | June 12, 2022 8:16 am EST

Walgreens offers select 12-Pack of 12-Oz Soft Drinks (various flavors) on sale from 4 for $11.66 when you login to your myWalgreens account ( free to register ) and follow the instructions below. Select free store pickup where available (order minimum of $10 required to complete order).
Note, availability for store pickup may vary by location.
Deal Instructions

  1. Log in or Register for a myWalgreens account
  2. Select 4x 12-Pack of 12-Oz Pepsi Products
  3. In cart discount to 3/$10.99 ($3.66 each)
  4. Total will be 4 for $11.66
  5. Select Free Store Pickup (minimum $10 required)
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