EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System Bristle Brush Attachment $54.67 at Lowes (fits Milwaukee Quik-Lok) YMMV

By | August 4, 2022 12:06 pm EST

My local Lowe’s has the EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System Bristle Brush Attachment – model BBA2100 on clearance for $54.67. I am in zip 61115 in Illinois, so this is YMMV. The provided link still reflects the $219 retail price, but does indicate that there were 12 in stock.
These were at front of store on end cap and clearly marked with clearance pricing.
Using Lowe’s store card saves 5%.
Now this is the interesting part for me:
WITH simple MODIFICATION, this will work with Milwaukee M18 Power Head with Quik-Lok, model 2825-20.
As provided, the Ego brush will not fit into the Milwaukee Power head. Conversion requires one to file off the small white square locking tab of the Ego attachment that is part of the nylon collar surrounding the attachment point. By doing so, the Ego attachment will fit into the Milwaukee head, and the star shaped drive shaft will engage and work. Caveats are the Ego head does not "lock" with a click like Milwaukee attachments do and one must fully tighten the clamping knob to hold in place. While I can verify that this does work, I cannot say with certainty that the drive shaft star pattern is exactly the same on both units, which could cause damage to either the attachment or head linkage. Use this info at your own risk.
I thought this was a reasonable risk for me, since I only have Milwaukee equipment, but the similar bristle brush is $300 from Milwaukee. I am also aware that Ego makes a cultivator attachment that others have indicated will work with the Milwaukee head with the same modification, while Milwaukee currently does not sell one.
I have attached a copy of my sales receipt.…1003130768

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