Jorgensen E-Z Hold 2-Pack 24-in 600lb Trigger Clamp $19.98

By | November 24, 2022 9:34 am EST

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The Jorgensen E-Z hold bar clamp has an exclusive patented feature to expand the opening capacity by joining two clamps together with no tools or added accessories needed. The patented head design allows any two Jorgensen e-z hold bar clamps to be joined together for greater clamping capacity. By quickly flipping the head you can join two clamps together and also increase total clamping capacity by 6 In. over the original two clamps. Example: two 24 In. bar clamp joined together will give you one clamp with a 54 In. opening capacity. With every two clamps you buy, it’s like getting a third, larger clamp for free. The Jorgensen E-Z hold bar clamp can also be easily converted to a spreader clamp. Features also include more clamping force than our competition, easy/comfortable one-handed clamping, and 3-5/8 In. deep reach jaw with protective pads, contoured comfort grip and quick Release lever. Load limit is 600 lbs. when using the Jorgensen 2pc HD E-Z hold clamp set, you’re using clamps without compromise.
Exclusive patented feature allows two clamps to be joined together to make a clamp with greater opening capacity
Can be converted to a spreader clamp
Maximum reach is 3-5/8" from edge of bar…2901315394

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