Amazon Fresh – Healthier Foods – PSA YMMV – Organic Grass Fed Ribeyes $9

By | August 30, 2023 8:36 pm EST

So we had an Amazon Fresh open here a while back and it’s become a go-to for me. I’m sure they have decent deals all around but I shop for very specific "healthier" foods like organic vegetebles, grass fed organic meats, grass fed dairy, etc. If you’re in the "Fruity Pebbles Waffles for 99c Camp" then this is probably not for you. If you’re used to Whole Foods prices then this might save some dinero.
I just left there and felt compelled to do a PSA about it. Here are some of the things I got today. YMMV
Red peppers and yellow peppers=2 for $1 (weekly sale)
Hass avocados = 5 for $5 (weekly sale)
Fuji apples = 99c each
Organic Grass Fed Ribeye = $9 for 10 oz vacuum sealed (Clearance – they had some OGF steaks and ground at similar prices)
Uncured Bacon = $3.5 for 8 oz vacuum sealed (Clearance)
Organic mixed baby greens = 4c each (Clearance)
Misc bags of lettuce = 77c (Clearance)
And I guess while I’m taking the time, if you have an Aldi around (they’re popping up all over) they’re usually good for house brand Grass Fed Irish Butter (similar but better than Kerrygold IMO) for $3 and for Organic Grass Fed Cheese 7oz for $3.50. They also are a great source for semi-fresh produce, spices, etc.
Finally, if you have not heard of it, Bryan Johnson has spec’d out some of, if not the finest Olive Oil available = Blueprint 2 X 750ml bottles for $75 delivered.

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