Borderlands Collection: Pandora’s Box (All 6 Core Titles + All DLCs) (Xbox/PC/PlayStation Digital Game Download) $59.99 (or $30 Upgrade if you own any title)

By | September 1, 2023 12:01 pm EST

Xbox/Microsoft/PlayStation/Steam Stores
For those interested
Note, this bundle includes the entire Borderlands Saga: All three core games, The Pre-Sequel, and both Tales From The Borderlands games- + all available downloadable expansions

Owners who already own some of these games [ Details ]
2K has announced an upgrade path which will allow them to purchase the missing games at a reduced rate. The guidelines based on platform are as follows

  • Xbox Platform – Those who own a digital copy of any Borderlands game on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One can complete the collection for a special price of $30.
  • PlayStation Platform – Those who own a digital or physical copy of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PS4, or a digital or physical copy of Borderlands 3 on PS4 or PS5, can complete the collection through in-game instructions in any of those titles (via a $30 upgrade available in-game).
  • Steam Platform – If you already own a digital copy of any Borderlands game within the Borderlands Collection: Pandora’s Box on Steam, you’ll only pay for the content you don’t already own when purchasing Pandora’s Box, and the price will automatically reflect the discount
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