Shop Fox W1877 13″ Portable Planer with Spiral-Style Cutterhead $529

By | September 13, 2023 1:01 pm EST

Both Keepa and CCC showing this as the lowest price ever for this plainer. It has a Spiral-Style Cutterhead which will give you a much better cut than the typical blade style cutting heads you find in most planer’s. The $1,095 price is the retail price to purchase this on the Grizzly/Fox Shop website.
Here’s what one reviewer said about this plainer:
You’ll notice it’s one of the most well-built planers out there, with every feature needed to turn rough boards into smooth ones ready for fine woodworking projects.
For one thing, it comes with a very powerful 2 HP 15 Amps motor, which allows it to chew through any type of wood you throw at it. That means you can also plane at its maximum cut depth of 1/8th of an inch without bugging the machine down.
The Shop Fox W1877 comes equipped with a spiral-style cutterhead with 26 indexable carbide inserts, something you’ll also not find in most portable planers. This enables you to plane boards with a better surface finish, resulting in a much quieter machine even when under load.
It has a maximum width capacity of 13 inches, accepts a maximum board thickness of 6 inches, and has a maximum cut depth of 1/8 inch. The cutterhead spins at a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM, with a feed rate of 26 feet per minute.
For dust collection, the W1877 features a large 4-inch dust port to connect it to your workshop dust collection system. It also includes a 2-inch and 1/2-inch adapter for connecting it to suitable shop vacs.
All in all, I can say the Shop Fox W1877 is one of the best options to consider when shopping for a portable thickness planer unit, especially if the price is not a deciding factor. Quality-wise, it’s well built with very good in-feed and out-feed tables for material support.
Depth adjustment is also effortless with a hand wheel right at the side of the unit and a marked thickness scale to read settings.
What we like about it:
* Well-built to last. Heavy and sturdy.
* It comes equipped with a high quality spiral cutterhead.Comes with a powerful 2 HP motor. So, power is not an issue.
* It has larger width capacity compared with the competition.
* This amazing 13 in. portable planer features a unique repeat cut selector. This allows you to quickly set the cutterhead to 6 per-set heights from 1/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. As well as convenient thickness scale located on the top of the machine for checking your planning progress.
Where it can be improved:
* It’s quite expensive. (At this price, this really isn’t an issue)
Shop Fox W1877 13" Portable Planer with Spiral-Style Cutterhead
* Motor: 2HP, 120V, single-phase, 15A
* Maximum stock width: 13 in.
* Maximum stock thickness: 6 in.
* Maximum cutting depth: 1/8 in.
* Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 26 inserts
* Cutterhead speed: 10,000 RPM
* Feed rate: 26 FPM
* Table size with extensions: 13 in. x 33-1/4 in.
* Dust port size: 4 in. with 2-1/2 in. adapter included
* Carbide insert size: 14mm x 14mm x 2mm

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