Walmart Clearance on Home Automation GE Smart Switches/Plugs/Sensor – YMMV

By | May 16, 2017 1:38 am EST

Saw a bunch of these at my local Walmart.
Roughly 50%-75% off MSRP at my location. Most other locations in my area are still regular price so YMMV.
Brickseek links for reference: (prices based from what I saw at my zip code (84118)
GE 12719 Z-Wave Indoor On/Off Plug-In Module $10…u=43632001
GE 12720 Z-Wave 120-Volt Outdoor On/Off Plug-In Module $21…u=43632011
GE 12724 Z-Wave In-Wall CFL-LED Dimmer Switch $10…u=43631958
GE 12722 Z-Wave In-Wall On/Off Switch $19…u=43635422
Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Sensor $19…=124242841

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