B&M Costco Clearance – Vita Gardens 4ft. x 4ft. Keyhole Raised Garden Was $49.97 Before Was $98.99 YMMV

By | May 16, 2017 3:12 pm EST

I guess some local Costco is clearing out this old items. I have purchase two of those at their regular price at $98.99 and after a month and half now it on clearance at $49.97. I got 3 more afterward. This weekend I check there was more like 5 here in Lancaster, CA. I really love my that is why I got a few more. You can also not put it up to the full height and make it longer.
Oh… by the way how can you tell if your local Costco has something on clearance? It always end with $###.97. That was what one Costco sale rep told me.
Here the same model sold by 3rd party in Amazon for $227.
4×4 Keyhole Garden
Keyhole Gardens are a brilliant garden design that lets you compost and grow vegetables in the same garden!
uses far less water than in-ground gardens (up to 70%) perfect for drought areas
composts and grows vegetables in same system
use daily kitchen scraps reducing household waste by up to 30%
food grade, BPA free polymer
20 year warranty
no tools required

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