Fry’s Denon 2017 Deals: AVR-S730H $299, AVR-S930H $359

By | July 17, 2017 1:27 pm EST

2017 Denon models listed as "Trusted Name Brand" in this week’s Fry’s promo code specials:…ation#set3. They cannot list certain brands below prices allowed by manufacturers for their authorized dealers, but to get around that, they will list generically like this, then clarify the specific models when you go in store.
I just went in store and confirmed promo code pricing $299 for AVR-S730H ( ) and $359 for AVR-S930H ( as 2 of the unnamed sale models for this week, and picked up the 930H. Interestingly, although the mailer says tax not included, at checkout, the promo code both gave the reduced price and offset the sales tax (in Palo Alto, CA).
Code also may work online per thread comment, thanks thegreen!
Promo codes are individual but available instantly with free email signup:…m/subc.jsp

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