GUM® Power Rangers Dino Charge Power Toothbrush $3, Timer Light Toothbrush $2 or lower with coupon

By | July 20, 2017 10:53 am EST

my 5 year old got his first tooth removed yesterday and all of the sudden, he asked if I can tell the tooth fairy if he can get a Power Rangers toothbrush. I haven’t been keeping up with power rangers, but it seems like that is all my kids talk about these days. I went out to walmart after the kids are asleep, could not find anything. This tooth fairy me ended up getting him something else, but daddy me was able to find some toothbrushes online at a great price.. Amazon has them but wants $12 per toothbrush. This official GUM site is cashback eligible. 4% with the common one that most people use, TCB has 8% back. free shipping over $15 & 20% off if you use coupon code 2017GUM, otherwise it’s free shipping if it’s over $25. i ended up using Sep25 to get 25% off total and spent over the amount for free shipping. there’s plenty of coupons if you do a quick search but those 2 seems to be the best. anyways, here are the links below. hope this helps.
2017GUM (20% off & free shipping over $15)
Sep25 (25% off & free shipping over $25)…cials.html
GUM® Power Rangers Power Toothbrush, Ages 4+ $3.00…ush-2.html
GUM® Power Rangers Timer Light Toothbrush, Ages 3+ $2.00…brush.html
GUM® Power Rangers Kids’ Flossers Ct. (40) $1.79…ct-40.html
GUM® Lalaloopsy- Manual Toothbrush, Value Pack, Ages 2+ $2.00…price.html
GUM® Lalaloopsy- Timer Light Toothbrush, Ages 3+ $2.00…brush.html
GUM® How to Train Your Dragon – Manual Toothbrush, Value Pack, Ages 3+ $2.00…price.html

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