Sprint iPhone SE 16GB $2.99/mo 32GB $4.16/mo 64GB $4.99/mo 24 months with Activation YMMV on Upgrades for select models at Best Buy

By | July 30, 2017 9:56 am EST

I need an iPhone soon and Best Buy is offering this for $2.99/mo for 24 months, making it about $72 + tax (on full price) + whatever other fees. it’s $0.50 more than the last great offer and no gift card. it also says "Student Deals" so I don’t know….
Is this a good deal for this item????
See same price for both Add a Line and Upgrade for should be good for both new and existing customers. I could be wrong so please double check before placing orders.
YMMV for Upgrades for select models.
$2.99/mo -16gb – all just about all colors as far as i can see
$4.16/mo – 32gb – all colors
$4.99/mo – 64gb – select colors
64GB is the same price as last time but no gift card.
Sorry if repost. didn’t see any at the time.

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