Humble Jumbo Bundle 10 – $1 for Epistory, Grey Goo, Oddworld New n Tasty, BTA for How to Survive 2, Prototype 2

By | October 31, 2017 4:45 pm EST

I waited 30 minutes for someone to post this thread so I could make my usual comments. I got tired of waiting so I’m being forced against my vow not to post more HBs to post this deal so I can make comments. I already made the list so I might as well.
Humble Bundle: Humble Jumbo Bundle 10 – Steam keys for each game
Lowest BTA seen = $5.30, currently hovering around $5.40
You can pay what you want now and add more money for a different tier up to 7 days after the bundle ends.
- Epistory: Typing Chronicles
- Grey Goo (Definitive Edition)
- Oddworld New ‘n Tasty
- How to Survive 2
- Kingdom: New Lands
- Prototype 2
… more games to come next Tuesday
Wasteland 2 (Director’s Cut, Standard Edition)
Notes: Epistory, Grey Goo, and Oddworld are all good games so everyone should buy the $1 tier at a minimum.
How to Survive 2 and Prototype 2 are also good games, but apparently Prototype 2 has game-breaking bugs especially on AMD systems. Kingdom: New Lands is a management/survival game with low res VGA style graphics.
Wasteland 2 is considered like Fallout 1-2 and not really a 1st person RPG like Fallout 3-4. It’s not my cup of tea.

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