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By | January 18, 2018 1:00 pm EST

Sale for the pre-order of Series 3 and Series 4 Discover Packs. Availability for 02/15/2018;
Other items that were previously OOS such as Astro playlist pack are showing availability 02/15/2018
$23.99 each with code
DropMix Discover Pack COMPLETE SERIES 3 (30-card Bundle)
DropMix Discover Pack COMPLETE SERIES 4 (30-card Bundle)
$11.99 each with code
Dropmix Playlist Pack Electronic (ASTRO)
Dropmix Playlist Pack Rock (OUROBOROS)
Dropmix Playlist Pack Pop (DERBY)
Dropmix Playlist Pack Hip-Hop (MIRRORS)
20% off Promo Code: CESDROPMIX
20% off Promo Code: via one-time e-mail newsletter signup
18% off Promo Code: JAN2018
Full list of cards (courtesy of reddit) w/ Discover Packs on sheet 2:
Full List of Items:

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