Femi NG120XL ABS – $1080

By | January 22, 2018 4:11 pm EST

I realize this might have a very limited appeal, but posting anyway. Femi portable band saws are considered to be pretty good (hey, Ave-the-crazy Canadian owns one!). NG120 ABS seems to be the model to go, but costs about $1480 from trick-tools or ebay. Browsing ebay, I found a listing in UK for GBP 799 ($1100) with a shipping available to US. I requested the quote from the guy and the total with shipping was actually cheaper than the listing price due to no UK tax (VAT).
I went a step further and requested a quote directly from their company, stakesys. The total was about 10% lower due to no ebay fees.
It took stakesys a couple of days to ship the saw due to them being out for an expo, but when they did – it was delivered two days later by UPS, with a normal tracking number. Faster than Amazon Prime
My total quote come out to around $1000, though I had to pay about $35 in Paypal foreign credit card transaction fee (would be $5 if I used a checking account) and $35 in customs fees payed directly to UPS. My final was around $1080 (that’s $400 lower than trick-tools), but could probably be about $40 lower had I paid directly with a credit card or through payapal with a bank account.

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