SleepNumber $52 off $100 Promo Code

By | January 22, 2018 10:39 pm EST

I used this code to get some pillows. The ComfortFit pillows are already 30% off so that helps as well. Just be sure the total cost after sale is over $100. You can also just use the discount to help with pillows not on sale, and over $100. It can bring down the pillows to a more reasonable price.
I have used both tempur pedic and sleep number pillows and have enjoyed both. It is helpful to go to a store to try out which line you want to focus on if course. I missed out on the 50% off TP pillows deal recently and was happy to get a similar deal on these pillows.…comfortfit
The code is: SNBR52 and it expires 2/11/18.
The 30%off ComfortFit line ends 2/1/18.

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