Merkury Innovations Evo VR Starter Kit B&M – YMMV $3

By | January 24, 2018 6:37 am EST

VR Starter Kit with Bluetooth "gamepad" included (doesn’t show in pics). I ran across these in my local WM store for $3. They had a ton of them left on the shelf, right beside the other brands for $15-20 for the same thing, and the controllers for $10 alone.
This is a really basic set where you put your phone into a tray and load it up into the goggles. It has a removable panel for AR apps as well as just using it for VR. It works using Google Cardboard’s setup, so a lot of generic and free VR apps out there should be able to run on it.
The BT controller is supposedly able to work with Android and iOS. I was able to link mine up but didn’t really test it out beyond that.…=128232350

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