Missouri Meerschaum 10 Pipe Grab Bag of Smoking Pipes (B-Stocks) $42.50 shipped!

By | January 24, 2018 4:09 pm EST

Occasionally, Missouri Meerschaum puts out 10 pipe grab bags.
They come with an awesome assortment of B-stock pipes that are 100% smoke-able. They tend to have only VERY slight imperfections, with most imperfections barely decipherable to the average pipe smoker. (You can read the 61 reviews rated at 95%)
Shipped, this grab-bag of 10 assorted pipe comes out to $42.50 which equals out to $4.25 a pipe.
If you want to start a fun collection of pipes for not a lot of coin, these are highly recommended and made in the USA

Link to Grab Bag of Pipes

Any of the pipes on this page "could" be in your 10 pipe grab bag. They mix the bags/pipes up so you get a random assortment.

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