Amazon Dash Wand is now $14.61 and still includes the $20 credit for future use

By | January 26, 2018 6:52 pm EST

I noticed that the Amazon Dash Wand is now $14.61 and the offer page for the $20 credit is still live: I chatted with Amazon and confirmed that this $20 credit offer is still available upon first use. (I Noticed in a few reviews, however, that some people have not received the credit without doing a chat. So perhaps the credit is not completely smooth?)
In any event, if you have Prime or even a free Prime trial and have NOT done the Wand promo before (limit 1 per account), you should be able to make a $5 profit in Amazon stuff with this purchase once you use it one time. After that you can use the Wand to avoid the Add On limit, hack it for some other purpose perhaps, or add it to your recycle bin.
Good luck!

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