AMD Ryzen 1800x 8-core / 16 thread cpu @ Staples for $275 before tax and free next day shipping

By | January 27, 2018 5:56 pm EST

You can get the 1800x for $275 with staples price match. The 1800x is good to have if you don’t plan to overclock and at $275 it is a good price.
It is better than the $379 8700k because it has more cores and doesn’t suffer from the Meltdown security issue that has basically destroyed all security and safety in intel systems. Every intel system is vulnerable and the only way to not be vulnerable is to completely change your hardware. So Ryzen is your best bet.
How to get the 1800x for $275 from Staples.
Go to Staples chat during their business hours. Tell them you want to 110% price match this 1800x processor:…_IM14U1132
To Microcenter’s price of $299 here:…_Processor
That math is simple, staples will also deduct 10% of the difference in price:
544.49 – 299.99 = $245 difference X.10 = 24.50 = 299-24.50 = about $275 plus tax if your state charges it. Staples was offering free next day ship when I had ordered.

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