Fitbit Charge 2, Blue, Large $75 + Free Store Pick-up

By | January 29, 2018 11:42 am EST…rge_-_Blue
Looks like there’s 10+ in-stock at several different locations. No shipping but you can reserve for in-store pick up. If you would like it shipped or are not close to a Micro Center store, the same model is on if you would like to price match . This is how I got my large black Charge 2 a few weeks ago when they were sparsely in-stock at Micro Center. Should be easy to get a PM now with 10+ in-stock at several MC stores.
There’s lots of talk about price matching on . Basically you say you would like to PM with a store near you and provide the Micro Center link and a zip code for a store with it in-stock. They’ll ask you for the Best Buy SKU which is 5579208. If they say the item is eligible, they’ll either (1) ask you to place the order yourself, provide the order # and then they will refund you the difference (2) ask you to provide your information so they can place the order on their end at the lower price and skip the refund. If they give you option 2 and there isn’t a Micro Center around you and you used a zip code for a distant store, placing the order first and asking them to PM retroactively might work. It worked for me.
If large is too big for you, the bands are interchangeable and inexpensive on Amazon.

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