Walmart – Soleaire SA-101 120v Electric Air Pump Inflator $3.99 Free Shipping

By | January 31, 2018 1:39 pm EST

INFLATOR DEFLATOR 120 VOLT AIR PUMP can be used as as a raft power air pump, an air mattress pump, a tube inflator, inflatable boat pump or inflate your kiddie pool with slide. User for camping, pool toys, blow up dolls, fitness ball etc. INFLATABLES ELECTRIC AIR PUMP is an inflator deflator for most inflatables. Use as an inflatable mattress pump for those surprise overnight guests or even get a head start with an inflatable boat pump.
Seems like a steal at $3.99 with free shipping for a pump that can be used for multiple things. Even having a spare at this price seems like a good idea.…C/36782539

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