BeatsX Earphones starting at $59.99 Refurbished

By | January 31, 2018 1:56 pm EST

I know these have been listed here before, but I think this is the lowest I have seen Refurb BeatsX at BestBuy so I thought I would bump it up. (Feel free to merge). I just got mine in the mail today. Right now they have gray and blue models at $59.99 and white and black models at $64.99.
The ones I got today looked as good as new, save for the fact that there was no rubber ear tips on them However, there are three sizes of spare ear tips included and those were sealed up as were the wingtips. Lightning cable and carry case included. As in the past, YMMV with the condition of refurb products, but I thought it was worth sharing for anyone who is looking. I had to reset them to get them to pair to my device, but they seem to work fine otherwise. Sound quality is good. Looks like a 90 day warranty.

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