Top Fin “Retreat” 5 Gallon Rimless Glass Aquarium w/ light and built-in filter $26.24 (or 25% off any other Top Fin product, YMMV somewhat)

By | February 28, 2018 7:28 pm EST

Petsmart has the Top Fin "Retreat" 5 gallon rimless glass aquarium on sale for $34.99 (regularly $49.99):…d=5000270#
An additional 25% off with coupon below = $26.24:
YMMV somewhat in that you’ll need to have them price match their web site before applying the coupon but generally not a problem at Petsmart. Don’t think that the coupon code is unique but to be sure you can get one directly from Petsmart by texting "fish" (no quotes) to 84848. Good through 3/4/18.
Would be a GREAT deal if you can swing another $10 off with the Petsmart coupon here (didn’t try it since I’d already used it the other day):
Basically it’s a similar cheaper version of the Fluval Spec V. The filter set up isn’t great but can be improved with bio media, etc. Filter and light both use a common power adapter so you can’t, for example, put the light on a timer. Even if you did put it on an adapter of its own the light does not retain last on/off setting. Light is either on or off with no high/low or night mode. Output is pretty good at PAR of 33 to bottom of tank. Contrary to one review that I saw, the pump output is adjustable on the one that I got. More cube shaped (14"x9"x9") than the Fluval. Silicone work isn’t ADA perfect on mine but not bad at all. Overall a decent little rimless tank if you accept it for what it is.
Reviews are here:
(Credit to Aquarium Co-Op for the deal.)

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