Annihilation (HDX – 1080p) Vudu to own for $4.79 – USA

By | June 14, 2018 5:40 pm EST

Annihilation, sadly, is not streaming on Netflix in the US and no date has been given – which stinks.
My wife and I have wanted to see it since it came out, so I found this deal at Cheap UV Codes for $4.79 to own, which is reasonable IMHO.
The code is for the US on Vudu HDX 1080p to own and includes all bonus features.
The deal worked for me. Additionally, I bought a Black Panther code from this site a month ago, and it worked as described. It does not include Movies Anywhere, which would be a nice feature. I prefer watching on Vudu anyway because it looks the best IMHO. My wife doesn’t care or notice :-)
If you want to own Annihilation HD streaming in the US, this is the best deal I’ve found.
Rotten Tomatoes review:
Metacritic review:

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