In Store: Walmart Unlocked Huawei Mate SE Gray 64GB/4GB Clearance $184

By | October 20, 2018 2:58 am EST

The website doesn’t exist, but that is the base site (their site still lists the gold one from a third party).…14&veh=aff
The 64GB/4G Huawei Mate SE is on clearance at Walmart for $184.
SKU: 769814543
My local Walmart only recently started carrying unlocked phones, so I’d been looking for a backup. Found this by chance on Youtube of all places, posted on Oct 10th, showing the deal.
Took forever to find the SKU since the walmart site isn’t carrying it any more and doesn’t have an ‘out of stock’ listing.
I would check Brickseek; for example, 3 Walmarts within 25 miles were carrying them with 4-5 in stock.

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