New York Kennedy (JFK) to Nairobi, Kenya (NBO) for $242 round-trip nonstop

By | October 29, 2018 5:39 am EST…all-taxes/
Per The Flight Deal, in order to search for this deal, you have to manually search dates by using the following URL and swapping in the dates you want to search:[0]=0:G:JFK:NBO:KQ:3:JAN:16:2019:0&itinSegment[1]=1:G:NBO:JFK:KQ:2:JAN:22:2019:0&tripType=multiCity&currencyCd=USD&paxCount=1&fareBasis=GLPRUS:GLPRUS&numOfSegments=2&exitCountry=us&cabin=MAIN&vendorID=Google&vendorRedirectFlag=true
For advanced users, the fare basis code is GLPRUS and the fare construction is:
NYC KQ NBO 61.50GLPRUS KQ NYC 61.50GLPRUS NUC 123.00 END ROE 1.00 XT 5.77YC 7.00XY 3.96XA 36.60US 5.60AY 50.00TU 6.00YQ 4.50XF JFK4.50?[0]=0:G:JFK:NBO:KQ:3:JAN:16:2019:0&itinSegment[1]=1:G:NBO:JFK:KQ:2:JAN:22:2019:0&tripType=multiCity&currencyCd=USD&paxCount=1&fareBasis=GLPRUS:GLPRUS&numOfSegments=2&exitCountry=us&cabin=MAIN&vendorID=Google&vendorRedirectFlag=true

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