MSI Radeon RX 570 8G OC $180 – $20 rebate – $30 gift card + $5 shipping at Newegg – use with Keras for machine learning $160

By | October 29, 2018 12:38 pm EST

This is similar to the expired deal on the same card from Amazon. Slightly better if you do not pay tax at Newegg.
The GPU:…6814137256
The $20 rebate:…lw80us.pdf
The $30 promo:
What convinced me to buy this card is that I found out that you can use non NVIDIA cards to accelerate machine learning with Keras quite seamlessly with plaidml.
I tried plaidml last night on my GPU built into my i7 6700 (Intel® HD Graphics 530) which turned out to be just half the speed of the 4 cores/8 threads of the i7 6700 on my fairly deep stacked LSTM network. From the benchmarks it seems that RX 570 is about 10x faster than the Intel HD 530, so I hope it will be 2x faster than the i7 6700 for my Keras project. I think it also compares favorably with NVIDIA 1060, being about similar speed in benchmarks and having 8GB of memory instead of 3GB, for less money.

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