Six Flags 2018/2019 Season Pass Sale – From From $57 w/ Bonus Benefits & More

By | October 29, 2018 3:43 pm EST

Similar to , but $1 to a few $ more depending on the location.
Must by 4+ passes to get the special offer.
Some locations, like GA, CA, IL, MO, NJ, and TX, are 70% off and only $1 more than the prior sale. Others aren’t quite as good, but still 55-65% off.
Same message on all parks’ season pass pages – "We will never offer a better deal on 2019 Season Passes!"
•Season Pass Feature/Promotion (may vary depending on location)
?Unlimited Visits in 2018 + 2019 (Season Passes only)
?Free Parking in 2018 + 2019 (for every visit; usually $25/visit)
?Free Upgrade to Gold Level
?Free Hurricane Harbor All Season (free upgrade to a Two-Park Combo Pass)
?Bonus Holiday in Park Ticket (bring a friend or loved one during a holiday event)
?Bonus: Shopping Discount
?Bonus: Food Discount
?Bonus: Game Experience
?Bonus: All Regular Benefits are included
*When you need to pick up your passes to receive benefits also varies by location. Some are by end of October…some in November, December and later.
Six Flags home page
Example Location(s) for 2019 Season Passes
California?Magic Mountain, Los Angeles
?Season Passes: $82.99
?Membership: from $7.85/month
? Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles
?Season Passes: $82.99
?Membership: from $7.85/month
? Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo
?Season Passes: $57.99
?Membership: from $6.60/month
Georgia?Over Georgia, Atlanta
?Season Passes: $56.99
?Membership: from $5.99/month
Illinois?Great America, Chicago
?Season Passes: $68.99
?Membership: from $7.15/month
Maryland?Six Flags Great America
?Season Passes: $60.99
?Membership: from $5.99/month
Massachusetts?Six Flags New England
?Season Passes: $62.99
?Membership: from $6.50/month
Missouri?Six Flags St. Louis
?Season Passes: $56.99
?Membership: from $6.20/month
New Jersey?Great Adventure & Safari, New Jersey
?Season Passes: $69.99
?Membership: from $7.10/month
New York?The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, Lake George
?Season Passes: $63.99
?Membership: $5.95/month
Texas?Over Texas, Arlington
?Season Passes: $66.99
?Membership: from $6.99/month
? Fiesta Texas, San Antonio
?Season Passes: $69.99
?Membership: from $6.60/monthFiesta Texas, San Antonio

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