PSA: Audible Books Can Be Given As GIFTS again !!!

By | January 28, 2019 1:15 pm EST

I just noticed today that you can give gifts on Audible again using your credits or coupon balance.
If this hasn’t already been posted this is big new for those who may have money $$(a coupon balance) on an account that they are not using for whatever reason. Or credits on their account that they would like to give to someone else.
Not really a deal because it doesn’t cost money, but it is pretty slick at least for me and my family and friends so I can use the $20 I have on 2 accounts that has just been sitting around.
If you look at any audiobook, you should be able to see the "Give as a gift" option just below the "Add to Wish List" choice.
There used to always be an option to give gifts to anyone using your credits or money, but Audible stopped allowing this(now sure when, maybe 1 year ago).
Thought I would share this info with fellow audiobook lovers instead of keeping the news to myself.
Hope some of you find this post useful If you do please give the post a thumbs up as I’d like to get the word out to as many people as possible.
You, of course, must have an Audible account. You must be signed into your audible account to see the "gift" option in this link:…TSRVJ4QQ3&
NOTE: (per colonelheero) Credits from trial memberships and some other deals may not be able to be gifted–>I can’t verify this for sure as I don’t have trial membership credits to test it on but I"m sure others will chime in on this.

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