Milorganite Price Match at Local HomeDepot

By | April 14, 2019 1:08 am EST

Milorganite is priced at $14.98 @ the local homedepot store. You can pick them up for $5.60 using the FleetFarms site. Even though it may not be local to you.
Below is Home Depot price match policy for in store.
The managers will check zip code and say they can’t do it. Based on their policy they actually can.
Mileage may vary by location/ manager not willing to.
The way to get around it, chat with Home Depot through iMessage and ask if they can price match a product. Send them the link. They will check and verify. Show manager/ CS that HD verified it by their chat.
Copied from chat :
(So it does look like that is a valid match however that item with us is an in store only item. I can only mark down items that can ship. So what you would have to do is print out or bring that link in on your phone to your local store and they can price match that for you upon purchase!)…0000219450
Have verified images, I’m not sure how to post receipt, GoodLuck.

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