Beast Mobile Unlimited Talk/Unlimited Texts/1GB Month – $10 (Sprint – Android)

By | April 15, 2019 10:24 am EST

I remember looking at their website last month when someone posted about them. They had posted about a $4 per month unlimited talk/text which they still have. At that time, they also had a $24 a month plan for unlimited/unlimited/1GB per month. I checked their website a few days ago and now that $24 plan has dropped to only $10 per month. This is for Sprint service only as they also offer AT&T service but that same plan stays at $24. Android only.
Full disclosure – I have absolutely no experience with Beast Mobile and have no idea how their service is or how the company operates. This could however be an alternative to those who were considering the same unlimited/unlimited/1GB plan for $10 offered by Unreal Mobile since many are leery since it’s owned by Freedom Pop. Beast Mobile does have an app that you could choose to download and you could bring down your bill further by interacting with the ads. It seems like the app is optional.

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