Vizio V-Series 40″ Class 4K HDR SMART TV V405-G $229 Full Chroma 4:4:4 and Game low latency mode

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I Just bought this last night at Costco with my Costco Visa card. 1 year manufacturer warranty + 1 year Costco extended + 2 years more if you buy with the Costco Visa. 4 yrs total warranty!
4K from my computer looks awesome! Very clear, sharp and bright, even better with a little tuning. I can say the line between TVs and monitors just got tighter.

Lots of custom settings for:

Back light control
Full Chroma 4:4:4
Game Low latency mode
Color Space RBG / YCbCr
Gamma controls
temperature controls
Color Calibration mode with HSB, gain, offset, 11 point white balance and test modes.
custom picture save modes.
1080P up-scaling
Says HDR10 – it appears to change on the computer but Win 10 says its not on. I have to test it more. Most likely only works with streaming as others but not sure.
Pros for me:

  • Great as a 4K computer monitor. You have to sit back about 28-30" min for the optimal experience. I am just amazed on how good it looks, great color reproduction, its solid and the refresh rate at 60hz is clean and fast enough for me. I will be borrowing a color calibrator and tune it further in the next week.
  • Clear, Sharp and Bright images in 4K. 1080P up-scales nicely but still not 4k good.
  • True 4:4:4 mode. make computers and consoles look great.
  • Low latency gaming mode.
  • Motion tech for better gaming. Says 120hz effective (But we know its only truly 60hz)
  • Full-Array LED-LCD. Very consistent image with deep blacks and good brightness. I can’t notice any bleeding especially on the edges.
  • Light weight – 15 lbs. I have it attached to a clamp desk mount.
  • 200×200 vesa mount ready
  • Great Smartphone app with full feature remote and control of the built-in Chromecast / Smartcast. Even has the user manual on the app!
  • Youtube plays very nicely on it via the built in app / smartcast even at 4k. PC as well.
  • The built in Watchfree app has some really good content! its kind of like a cable guide with lots of stuff playing and yes ads, local ones too right from the get go. but its free.
  • 3 full HDMI 2.0 inputs.
  • 802.11 AC wireless and Ethernet port
  • Very tight black brushed metal bezels
  • Looks great floating over my desk. A little ominous, but works well for me. I love the real estate! I can’t go any bigger even to a 43".
  • Costco warranty and returns. If it breaks Its so easy to swap out. 90 day return policy too.


  • The Chromcast / Smartcast apps are limited but you get all the popular apps. (Love my Ruku premiere on my other tv.)
  • You need the remote or smartphone to access the advanced setting. Buttons are limited to power volume and source.
  • Watchfree appears to be only 720p, not real streaming and plays ads frequently but not too frequently.
  • HDR might not be easily usage but still not sure.

Bottom Line: Great screen with lots of control for a great price. Build in apps and screencast get the job done. If you want Roku or Amazon TV you need to buy something else. 4 yr warranty. I don’t think you can find anything close to the screen quality for the price right now. I was going to buy a samsung for almost $200 more but am really glad I didn’t. It looked a little dim in the store display, I think they had the mode set wrong or something.

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