Telltale Games The Walking Dead All Seasons $5 each

By | May 17, 2019 11:41 pm EST

Epic Games is having a sitewide sale right now. In addition to the discounts, they’re taking an extra $10 off any game $14.99 or more. This brings every Walking dead game to $5 each, including the Final Season.…collection
Click on the listing and under the $14.99 price it will say Buy with Epic discount $4.99.
The Walking Dead Season 1 $5
The Walking Dead Season 2 $5
The Walking Dead A New Frontier $5
The Walking Dead Michonne $5
The Walking Dead The Final Season $5
Note: Walking Dead has become an Epic store exclusive so you cannot get it on Steam, and no these are not steam keys nor can they be redeemed on steam.
Other games of note are the formerly Playstation exclusive David Cage games(also Epic store exclusives)
Heavy Rain $10
Beyond Two Souls $10
Detroit Become Human $30 < I would wait for this to be lower personally
World War Z(another Epic store exclusive) which came out less than a month ago and got pretty good reviews as a third person shooter Left4Dead clone.
World War Z $20 (43% off)

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