Amazon Warehouse – link to all deals – filtered by percent off (posting attempt #2)

By | June 14, 2019 11:56 am EST

So I that I thought was useful the other day. However, it was downvoted and shat upon rather quickly.
After taking a closer look at the posting, i have created a new , hopefully much more useful post . This is a hidden shortcut link to Amazon Warehouse deals, but filtered by % off. I.e. only show 90% off etc.. There is, as far as I can tell, no way to do this via the webpage, but you can tweak the URL.
Here are instructions. I have already found the following using this method.
A steel claw hammer for $2
Bathtub faucet (good name brand) for $3
2 bike hitch mount carrier – $24
Remote fan control with reciever – $6
Keep in mind this was just from one day of looking, new items are added all the time.
Ok, so here goes. And feel free to downvote all you like, I have found this useful, and if even one person also does, then my job here is done
Click this link, and change the &pct-off=95-&sort=price-asc-rank from 95 to whatever % off you want. I found 95% was a fairly useful filter , as 90% seems to have too many items.…e-asc-rank
Then select a category. Each category you select will now be filtered by that % off plus sorted by price.
Here are a couple of categories to get you started, at the 95% off range
Tools & Home Improvement…011_nr_i_2
Home and Kitchen…011_nr_i_3
Lawn and Garden…011_nr_i_8
Cell phone and Accessories…011_nr_i_9
Movies and TV…11_nr_i_18

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