charmin ultra strong mega roll 12 pack-ymmv Office Depot $4

By | June 15, 2019 2:42 pm EST

These were marked on shelf as clearance for about $8, but had updated this morning to $4 ea.
Item # 308039 or # 94154
Says sale price $15.99 now $4
Stock may be low since it is clearance.
These packs are 12 rolls, 308 sheets per roll, total 36.9 square meters (402 square feet ).
So, a penny per square foot? Seems slick.…sku=308039…?sku=94154
Be careful, though:
There is another pack on the shelf with like 286 sheets per roll.
That one is showing clearance at $13 ea.
Not a good deal yet.
The packages look the same, except for the sheets per roll
If you’re interested in that one, it’s item # 8010333…ku=8010333
We were just about out – great timing – I thought I was gonna have to pay retail.
Good luck!

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