VIOFO A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam Taxi Front and Interior Camera Infrared Night Vision $144

By | June 17, 2019 1:44 am EST

VIOFO A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam Taxi Front and Interior Camera Infrared Night Vision Full HD 1080P Wi-Fi STARVIS IMX291 Sensors, Buffered Parking Mode, Motion Detection, G-Sensor
$180 | Use Promo Code IE2T3MKV for 20% OFF for a final price of $144
Valid until July 1st, 2019
Storage: Supports up to 256GB of microSD storage. During my research I didn’t find any models that supported cards larger than 256GB. I use about 200 gigs on a 14-hour shift w/ the default video quality settings
Infrared (IR) Night Vision: I’ve been pleased with the quality of the in vehicle cabin recordings. I will post some links to the raw video files after I can figure out how to edit out faces for privacy purposes. Stickers are widely available online to comply with any local laws regarding recording.
Cables & Connectors: Uses widely available mini USB cables. No need to buy overpriced proprietary connector cables. Both 80CM and 6M connect cables provided by Viofo in the box are both are high quality and well insulated to remove any interference from your other electronics. I’m probably going search my box of cables for one shorter than the 80CM one Viofo included it’s much to long for my use. The 6M cable is to install the interior IR camera to the rear window of the vehicle? Not very practical for our use case in taxi/rideshare.
Video Codecs: .MP4 files can be easily viewed in any player in the vehicle on mobile or at home on PC/Mac.
Discrete: 250 trips and I haven’t had a single passenger yet comment on the camera being in the vehicle.
Viofo Bluetooth Remote Control for the A129 Dash Camera: This is a handy add-on you can purchase for the dash cam for $20. Safely and discretely save footage that might be needed for later passenger complaints.
Audio: Can easily turned On / Off to comply with any local laws regarding in vehicle audio recording. Due to the proximity of the cameras mic being closer to the driver, the drivers voice is always louder than the passengers in the rear seat. I haven’t had any problems hearing the passengers voice clearly after turning the volume up on the different players I’ve used.
Installation: I used the Viofo HK3 hardwire kit w/ fuse taps. I was pretty intimidated going into the electrical system of the vehicle. I watched some YouTube videos and read some forum posts and easily managed to get the camera cleanly and safely installed with no visible wires showing in about an hour. I frequently change vehicles and assume I can get the time down to 15-20 minutes in future installs.
Viofo Android App: I was actually pretty pleased with the apps interface and functionality. Both times I’ve needed to use it to change minor settings on the dash cam the app has simply worked. Right now I’m pretty much using the cameras default settings, as time permits I fully intend to explore the app more and some of the cameras more technical settings.
Rearview Mirror Mount: I also purchased this handy little add-on to mount the interior IR cam directly above rear view mirror to make the camera more discreet. I’ve been too busy lately to hack the base to make this work but will when time permits. Hopefully this will allow me to direct the cameras field of view more towards rear passenger seat, and have less of my ugly face in the picture.
High Heat Compatibility: I live in the southwest desert and we’ve already had temps reaching over 110 °F (43.33 °C) so far the A129 Duo IR has held up admirably. We’ll see how many summers this camera can last in the extreme summers here?
GPS Logger: It was nice Viofo included the GPS in the base package. Seems a lot of manufacturers want to sell this as an add-on for $20 or so. The settings I am using now have the GPS coordinates and current time watermarked on the video, the vehicle speed setting is turned off.
Firmware Updates: Viofo seems to have a solid history of supporting their products with firmware updates. This new A129 Duo IR model seems to carry along that tradition.
Current firmware version is V1.0 released May 2019.
Beta firmware versions by BCHobbyist can be found here: hxxps://

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