Consumer Reports posts appliance reliability ratings publicly

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I noticed there’s been a bunch of appliance deals here on SD recently, and I noticed on all of them people are wondering about how reliable the stuff is. Then there’s always a ton of comments from users with vague anecdotes saying Brand A is great, how they had issues with something and a repair technician said Brand B is better, they’ve had the same Brand C washer for 30 years, how all the new models out today must be crap, etc, etc.
Today Consumer Reports has posted the majority of their appliance reliability ratings in an article which is free to read without a subscription. They have over 381,000 data points, which is a lot better than 1 person complaining on the internet. You can even see the difference in reliability between types of appliances like a top and front-loading washer when you mouseover. Typically CR says to avoid stuff rated orange (Fair) or red (Poor). While it doesn’t show how well an appliance will clean/cook/dry or whatever, at least now you have a reference to look at before you buy that lemon Samsung dishwasher.
I’m aware this isn’t a "deal" but it doesn’t really fit into any of the other categories and it’s not a user review of a product so it doesn’t go in Product Reviews either. Hopefully people here find this useful whenever another appliance deal comes around.

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