50 Classic Thriller Short Stories. Works by Poe, Doyle,…Audiobook Unabridged (Audible). $0.86

By | June 21, 2019 1:58 am EST

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This Audiobook contains the following works:
The Builder [Frank L. Packard],
The Man Who Didn’t Count [Frank L. Packard],
Red Petals [Frederick Merrick White],
The Other Man’s Story [Frederick Merrick White],
The Shebeeners [Frederick Merrick White],
The Waterwitch [Frederick Merrick White],
The Brand of the Wild [G.B Lancaster],
A Fair Smuggler [George Newnes],
A Castaway of the South [Gilbert Parker],
As Deep As the Sea [Gilbert Parker],
The Gift of the Simple King [Gilbert Parker],
The Treasure of Sacramento [Nick Guy Boothby],
A Personal Problem [H. Bedford-Jones],
Gallegher of Beaver [H. Bedford-Jones],
Sun, Sand and Soap [H. Bedford-Jones],
The Image of Earth [H. Bedford-Jones],
Said Afzel’s Elephant [H. A. Lamb],
Sir Albert’s Fall [H. C. Bailey],
The Devil of Marston [H. C. Bailey],
The Lone Hand [H. C. Bailey],
The Treasure in the Forest [H. G. Wells],
Through a Window [H. G. Wells],
The Jungle’s Accolade [Charles Haven Liebe],
An Unofficial Affair [Harold Edward Bindloss],
Gillatly’s March [Harold Edward Bindloss],
The Man Who Wouldn’t Stay Put [Harold Titus],
Confession [Algernon Blackwood],
S. O. S. [Algernon Blackwood],
B. 24 [Arthur Conan Doyle],
The Spider Arthur [O. Friel],
The Vulture Arthur [O. Friel],
Statement of Gabriel Foot, [Highwayman Arthur Quiller-Couch],
The Affair of Bleakirk-on-Sands [Arthur Quiller-Couch],
The Countess of Bellarmine [Arthur Quiller-Couch],
The Adolescence of Number Eighty-Seven [Arthur Stringer],
The Wire-Tappers [Arthur Stringer],
The Nth Power [Arthur Cheney Train],
The Mysterious Card [Cleveland Moffett],
The Mysterious Card Unveiled [Cleveland Moffett],
Carnage [Compton Mackenzie],
A Locomotive as a War Chariot [Cy Warman],
A Wild Night at Wood River [Cy Warman],
Wakalona [Cy Warman],
John Charrington’s Wedding [Edith Nesbit],
The Man at the Wheel [Edith Nesbit],
The Man Who Died Twice [Edgar Wallace],Allan Poe],,
The Man Who Died Twice [Edgar Wallace]
The Man Who Hated Earthworms [Edgar Wallace],
The Man Who Lived at Clapham [Edgar Wallace],
The Man Who Was Acquitted [Edgar Wallace].

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