Amazon : Respawn-205 Racing Style Gaming Chair (RSP-205-RED) $136.46 + Tax / Free Shipping with Prime

By | June 26, 2019 5:24 pm EST

Was looking over some chairs at NFM for my son this lunch and came across the Respawn – 205 which was on display. NFM was asking $240 and after trying it out felt like a pretty sturdy chair.
Reviews were pretty good for it also. Then I took note of the price on amazon for the same chair in different colors.
All colors were from $210-$230 except the red one. That one is $136.46.3C shows its been around that level for the past month
RESPAWN-205 Racing Style Gaming Chair at Amazon for $136.46
Checking SD, it does appear the lowest posted for the 205 at least.…=UTF8&th=1

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