Big Johns Jerky – Beef and Turkey – 2 Lbs $31.80

By | August 15, 2019 7:55 pm EST

Big John’s is having a 24 hour sale….. 2 x 1 Lbs for $31.80. I may get beat up for posting this, but it by far my favorite jerky and I know it is a favorite of others. This is apparently in response to SD.
Coupon code: SD
From their email:
Use coupon code SD and get 2 Lbs for $31.80. This is an exclusive offer and valid for 24 hours only -through Friday at 6 PM eastern.
Stay away from Korean BBQ. And Old Bay – unless your a big Old Bay Seasoning fan. Black Pepper/garlic, BBQ and Original are your best bets.
They also have a new Turkey Jerky – but I haven’t tried it yet. This is from their email. Product Details
It is made using premium, fresh 100% turkey breast and a simple list of ingredients: salt, sugar, water, black pepper & garlic (added cayenne pepper for the Fiery version). Its cured overnight and then slow smoked with real hickory. It is available in regular strips – not fatty jerky or Steak Fries. Please note that the strips are much smaller than beef jerky and there are more very small pieces in each bag.

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