Dalstrong knife sale on Amazon

By | August 28, 2019 1:08 am EST

Dalstrong seems to all be on clearance on Amazon. Everything looks to be around 65% off. At full price, a lot of their stuff is marketing fluff, but at these prices, it’s a solid value knife. This puts their higher-end models at a similar price to the basic Victorinox and Mercer chef knives.
Prices only show up at the Checkout screen.
Edit: if you buy 4 or more items, code DALSTR11 takes another 11% off (calculated from the price before discount).
Edit again: the code only applies on certain items.
Edit 3, code seems to be dead, the big 65% discount still applies.
Edit 4, code shows and works if I use an Incognito browser window. They may be limiting it by account.

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