Bomaker True Wireless Earbuds, Aptx, AAC, Ipx7, Graphene Drivers $29.98 AC

By | September 13, 2019 2:58 am EST

If you’ve seen my posts in other tws threads I have a sickness. I’ve owned and posted a few TWS deals and have commented on many. I own or have owned the iconX 18′s, 65t’s, Pamu Scroll, Pamu Slide, Rademax, T5′s (can’t mention the name), Hyphens, Enacfire E18′s and now the Bomaker TWS buds.
They came today and I’ve been A/B’ing them with the T5′s and Enacfire since they have been my two go to. Well, those two are no longer my go to. The Bomaker’s sound much clearer, less muddy, fit better with their offset nozzle, and have a much smaller case as you’ll see in the pics. They fit in the charging case with my foam tips which is key. You can see I had to cut down the tips on the Pamu Slide. They wouldn’t fit in the case otherwise.
The best thing, they’re only $30 right now. You add them to the cart. The cart shows a clippable 10% coupon. And in the special offers drop down is code XPXVCURW that takes off 30%. Tough price to beat for everything you get.
If they had type C charging they’d be my perfect cheap buds. No they don’t pause if you take them out of your ears or have an ambient sound mode, but I don’t really care about those features. I haven’t tested the mic quality yet. It’s not high on my list either, but if the mic works well, it’s just bonus at this point. Your needs/wants might differ.
Take a look at the comparison pics. The Rademax are in the car. And I don’t really care about the Hyphens or older Pamu Scroll. None of those should even be on your long list. No I’ve never bought a pair of soundcore buds so I can’t compare.
The basics:
1. AptX and AAC, well balanced sound with deeper bass, few wireless earbuds carry this technology
2. Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, Lower latency, ultra-stable connections, no cut out
3. 25-30 hours of battery life
4. Automatically on, automatically pairing
5. Mono and Stereo Mode
6. IPX 7 Waterproof
7. Ultra portable, weights only 0.14 oz

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