Friday the 13th 1-4 DVD + 1-8 HDX Vudu copy Bundle $9.96 @ Walmart

By | September 13, 2019 7:27 am EST

Surprised no one posted this earlier this summer when I saw the FP thread about for $12.99 coz it’s been on BRF like almost the whole summer since June, credit goes to them btw.
Walmart has a digital promo for a bunch of their physical disc Paramount movies atm
One of them is the DVD bundle for Friday the 13th 1-4 Bundle for $9.96…D/55300545 but u want the bundle that has the Vudu digital copies sticker on it like this…1561246648
The barcode on it will trigger the register to print out a Vudu code on the receipt that’s glitched to actually redeem as 1-8 in HDX…le-/590675 instead of just 1-4
YMMV, the register might not like u and print out Promo Fail instead lol… some unlucky ppl said they had to buy the bundle a few times before the register cooperated & printed out the Vudu code
Stock checker…u=55300545 but the UPCs on this item have been merged
Even though it is less than the digital only $12.99 on the FP thread & u also get 4 of the movies on disc for whenever ur internet goes out I guess lol & can’t stream I’m sure my stalking haters will thumb down this coz that’s what they love to do lol

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