Tenavolts Lithium Rechargeable AA Batteries 4 Pack w/charger $11.89

By | September 13, 2019 2:06 pm EST

These batteries are 1.5V constant and work great in devices like Blink Cameras that don’t tolerate NiMH or other rechargeables with their lower voltages.
Clip the 30% coupon on the product page and then use the promo code for additional 36% off: 36NXH29W
Total for me: $11.89 although some are reporting $12.94
Trying to figure out the downvotes on this. These are lithium rechargeable batteries, at their all time low (which was previous $12.99). They don’t last as many recharge cycles as the Eneloops but have more capacity and charge in about half the time. In addition they’re a full 1.5V allowing them to be used in devices that don’t normally handle rechargeables well.

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