Extend your Xbox ultimate game pass a whole year for ~$20 @Walmart

By | September 14, 2019 1:11 am EST

So I was half way tempted to not share this brilliant idea and keep to myself but it’s too good to not share.
With Gears 5 being out, Rockstar is doing a promotion where if you buy 1 Rockstar energy drink at Walmart for ~$1.18, you will get a code on the tab of the drink and a Walmart exclusive code printed on your receipt to redeem on Rockstars website. You will get 7 days of game pass and 7 days of Xbox live gold with each code per new account for the first 2 codes redeemed, just needs separate emails for each set of redemptions. Since most of us upgraded to ultimate game pass, those codes convert to 5 days a piece of ultimate. This means that for ~$1.18 you get 20 days of ultimate game pass added to your account.
I bought 4 cans today and created 4 US Rockstar accounts. I redeemed 1 Walmart receipt code and 1 can tab code per account to get a total of 80 days extended to my ultimate game pass. So for ~$20, 18 cans, you can get a year of Xbox Ultimate Game Pass added to your account. That’s the cheapest you’ll ever get it and it’s a third of the cost of 12 months of Xbox live gold.
On top of that, if you’re playing gears 5 each code also gives you 24hr xp boost, a random supply drop, swarm lancer weapon skin (Walmart receipt code), and different banners to show off in the game.

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