Craftsman 4 piece Electrical Kit for only $28.94

By | September 15, 2019 12:21 pm EST

I know there’s not many Sears around anymore but for the few that do have one near them, there are some good deals to look for…..
This Craftsman electrical kit includes four tools to help you accomplish a variety of projects. The multimeter with attached test leads measures AC/DC voltage, current and resistance. Advanced functions include testing frequency and capacitance. An infrared thermometer, NCV tester and GFCI tester are included.
Multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, current & resistance
Advance functions include testing frequency & capacitance
Attached test leads
Includes IR thermometer, NCV tester and GFCI tester…A028382321
Or if you don’t need all the tools buy them separate…
Receptacle Tester
Non Contact Voltage Tester
Craftsman Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
Craftmsan Multimeter

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