YMMV – $250 Visa card when upgrading existing Xfinity mobile line to iPhone 11 – Must go to store

By | September 15, 2019 9:54 pm EST

I’m starting a new thread since the existing one is for new line or port in.
I called Xfinity mobile customer care to ask if they are offering any promotion to existing customers to upgrade to latest iPhone 11 phones and I was informed, in no uncertain terms , that I’m eligible for $250 Visa card if I were to buy a new iPhone 11 (Max or otherwise). He even read some written promotion to confirm when I told him I was suspicious of that offer. I even pointed out their website states that a new line or a port in is required… but I was informed that is not required.
The only requirement is I will have to buy the phone at a local Xfinity store. I’m in Chicago and unfortunately the stores are closed at this time.
Try your luck at your local store. YMMV.

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